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🚨Furnace, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump blow out sale🚨*is%20your%20ac%20a%20dinasaour%20%232*png?alt=media&token=368c8158-bedd-4162-9f00-c8c0038ad1ad

🚨Attention🚨 This is a public announcement. Dinosaurs 🦖 have been found in people's back yards. Is your air conditioner, heater or heat pump a dinosaur 🦕? If you answered yes to any of the three then you need to check this out! These energy hogs🐷 consume a lot of electricity to heat and cool a home. They are very noisy and can break down at any time! Instead switch to a Daikin Fit and start saving.
A new generation of air conditioners/heat pump called fit or side discharge is the technology of today. If you want more savings and more comfort for less money, this is for you.
Here is what it will do for you:
✅Major savings on your utility bills
✅Year round comfort
✅Better night sleep
✅Cleaner air
✅Less dust
✅Bumper to bumper 12 year warranty
✅Piece of mind
✅Thousands of dollars in rebates that put more 💰 back in your pocket.
If you want all of the above we have different ways to help you get it. We are offering up to $2100 in factory rebates plus utility rebates or 0% interest for 24 months.
This is a special offer and we have limited installations available. Offer will end March 30th. Sure you can put this off but what is that going to get you. Fill out the form or click on the link below